jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

85th Academy Awards Gala Show

In an evening full of glamour, glitz, young and not so young stars, the Dolby Theater glowed with smiles and sequins.

Through the red carpet, marched a parade of haute-couture and ‘oscaresque’ gowns where white and salmon-pink choices were the most acclaimed. Best Performance in Supporting Role winning actress Anne Hathaway triumphed with a satin designed by Prada, which inspired a Twitter account. Also dashing was Charlize Theron dressed in an immaculate crisp Dior, and Naomi Watts looked like a metallic mermaid on the carpet. With many people stepping on her beautiful cream Dior, Jennifer Lawrence ended up doing so herself on her way to embrace her trophy.

Although he made Tommy Lee Jones smile, host Seth MacFarlane’s sexist and racist jokes made the audience groan sometimes. William Shatner was right when he referred to them as ‘tasteless’. One particular original song made more than one renowned actress look to the ground; but truth be told: MacFarlene’s got a great voice.

The musical numbers were a great success. Jennifer Hudson shined with a light of her own and the cast of Les Misérables got a standing ovation. Among presentations, awards and all that jazz, Catherine Zeta-Jones blew the audience away with a Chicago number showing that she still has what it takes.

The Academy honored 50 years of 007 movies with a tribute presented by a sensational Halle Berry in Versace. “Bond music is a genre all its own, guaranteed to make your heart beat faster and take your breath away,” she said before Shyrley Bassey took the stage with Goldfinger. Adele performed Skyfall, which would later win Best Original Song.

Other surprises included Barbra Streisand’s first performance in 36 years at the Academy Awards and the appearance of the First Lady Michelle Obama via satellite to announce the Best Picture winner, Argo. This Oscar, along with Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing made up for the omission in the directing category.

Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Lead Actor for his incarnation of President Lincoln and Tarantino got a well-deserved Original Script. But the revelation of the night was Life of Pi. The feature film won for Original Score, Visual Effects, and Cinematography -in a rare tie with Skyfall- and Ang Lee, awarded with the Directing Oscar concluded with a “Namaste” in contrast to the roaring crowd.

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  1. You did a good job of covering the whole night, from red carpet to the end. You mentioned all the big awards, too, and while the fashion parts aren't my cup of tea, I'm sure plenty of other readers can appreciate your synopsis.

  2. I really like how you talked about fashion right in your general review. It's such an important part of the Oscars, but often seems like it's always analyzed separately. I thought you did a great job of weaving it into the piece so it flowed nicely with the rest of your critique.

  3. Patricia,

    I absolutely agree with Maggie - as I've come to understand your love of fashion, I think it's fantastic that you included so much of your passion in this piece. I also really loved the opening line: "In an evening full of glamour, glitz, young and not so young stars, the Dolby Theater glowed with smiles and sequins." You do a wonderful job of including a mix of what is important in your eyes as a viewer, as well as what might be important to others. Great review!