miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

An evening with the Dudes

“There will be food, cozy fireplaces, and plenty of good A Cappella music!” This is how the Kalamadudes, one of the three A Cappella groups in Kalamazoo College, advertised their performance for Friday night. The Hoben lounge was filled with an audience ready to be entertained. The Kalamadudes are best known for the humor and personality of their covers. There is not one single song where you cannot see one of the members dancing or acting out the lyrics.

The opening song was “The Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel. Although it was not outstanding, the audience reacted really well. Elton John’s “Your Song”, which should have melted every girl’s heart, felt a little plain.

However, there was a change in the rhythm to cheer up the night; with more upbeat songs the Dudes came alive; they had fun it and so did the audience. The great thing about this performance was the relaxed and informal atmosphere. Even though the Dudes were all dressed up, it felt like a gathering of friends. They love music and they share that love; and we felt it. Between songs the members were talking and joking among themselves and with the audience. Somehow it felt like a show that you put up for your family on a Sunday evening.

The highlight of the performance was a cover of “Yellow” by Coldplay. Never out of tune, had the perfect tone for them added to their endless enthusiasm. Same thing happened with “Every Morning,” full of good vibes.

Along with hot cocoa, white chocolate spoons, the fire crackling and the familiar voices an hour went by. An oasis in the midst of midterm papers and classes; it was a nice way to start the weekend.

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  1. Speaking of "good vibes," I was hoping there were going to sing the Beach Boy's "Good Vibrations." Apparently they did it earlier in the year when they sold out tickets, but ran empty seats (damn freshmen).

    While "Every Morning" was never out of tone, what did you think of the chorus? Personally I thought too much was going on while they didn't emphasize the notes that I'm familiar with in the original.

    With that said, I realize it's a work in progress for their next performance. And I really did enjoy that number.

    Good coverage! Your "but" statement is clear, and accurate.