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Not so Little Mike

Disambiguation- this article talks about the DJ, producer, and promoter, not the race horse.

Following his brother’s steps, Mike Chapman started turning the tables at the age of 14. He had a musical background being trained as a classical pianist – he quit at the age of 18-, and his dad had a bluegrass band. His mom would drop him off at the +21 clubs where he played for crowds 6 years older than him. Soon he was referred to by the bartenders as ‘Little Mike’ and so has been ever since. He became a pivotal backbone in Denver’s DJ scene for many years, both as DJ and producer.

When he moved to Europe, along with Crazy-B, DJ Need, and DJ Pone, Little Mike originated Birdy Nam Nam, a DJ crew born in France. When I asked one of my French friends about them, she jumped of her seat and said: “Oh, Birdy Nam Nam, I love them! Every youngster in France does!” They became the 2002 DMC World Team Champions and Skrillex became a fan.  That was the start of the rise. They started collaborating with him, creating master mixes like “Goin’ In”. Their song “Trans Boulogne Express” was also featured in the feature film Transporter 3. Their projects for this year include a track with both Skrillex and A$AP Rocky.

But Little Mike is still hungry. According to an article in Vibe Magazine, in April we’ll be able to enjoy a self-produced mixtape ‘Time To Check In’, a solo release on Bromance Records. This mixtape in influenced by Southern U.S. rap and Mike’s European experiences. 

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  1. Buenas Patri.

    It looks like we have a similar taste in music, I love the "new" trap and dubstep scene.

    You give interesting information regarding Mike Chapman's life, I especially like how you introduce him with the "disambiguation" statement.

    Your transitions are fluid, "But Little Mike is still hungry". Smart choice to pair this comment with a clip.

    However, I would like to read a little bit more about Little Mike's perspective. What are his influences? What made him want to DJ?


  2. Patricia,

    This is really interesting - I'm glad you posted it. I feel I am ever-behind in music and it is always wonderful to learn more about up-and-coming artists. Thanks for sharing!